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Email Problems…

email-problemsThe problem...

I know that some of you have been having problems with the Focus Ratings automated emails....

1). AOL users aren't getting them at all!

2). Some of you are getting long and incomprehensible MIME messages.

3). Some people are getting more than one attachment?

4). And for many of you, there is no problem at all.

It's difficult for me to know where to start to try and identify and resolve your problems (those of you who have problems) as these days you could be using a PC, a MAC, a Smartphone (of where there are many different types) or a tablet (once again, a whole variety of them.)

Now, I have just bought a Mail Library (a sort of programmer's interface) which should resolve these issues (although not the AOL users' one?) but with this I am reliant on the programmer solving any potential issues just one step ahead of me.

I will install and implement the interface but, it's not the most elegant solution as, sending attachments through email is not really what email was designed for.

The Solution...

In the short term (and the length of term depends largely on you and your feedback), starting from today, I intend to send out links to the Ratings rather than send out the ratings as an attachment.

This means that you will still receive an email at 10 am but, it will have a link (normally in blue) which you will need to click on in order to download the ratings.


This does, however, have some advantages...

1). The whole process should be quicker as the attachment won't have to pass through all those mail relays, routers , spam filters etc that slow the whole process down.

2). It is far easier for me to add the different formats that some of you have asked for - I can just add a link to each of them and you will be free to download the format/style of ratings that you want.

I hope that this explains the process that I shall be implementing from today.

Please, of course, feel free to contact me to ask me anything that you don't understand.


My kindest regards


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