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Email Updates….

Email problem update...

I have tested the solution to the email problems and all looks good to me.

Today, at 10 am, you will receive an email which looks much like the one below (click on the image to see it larger)....


As you can see, instead of having an attachment for the ratings (which was causing problems for some people) there is now a link that you need to click on.

In fact, there are two links; the second is a link to the ratings in spreadsheet (CSV) format that some people have requested.

If you wish to get the ratings in the standard format you should just click on the first link and the ratings will be downloaded to your normal downloads folder.

This new way of delivering the ratings should ensure that there are no delays and that everyone gets the opportunity to receive the ratings without having to visit the site.

So, for most of you, you just need to click on the first link to download the ratings in PDF format as you normally receive.

May I just take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient whilst I have been working on this issue (for those of you that it affected) and may I wish all of you a very profitable start to Cheltenham - just a little tip from me....

Try not to bet on the three legged ones!


My kindest regards


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