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Merry Christmas!


There is now no more British and Irish Horse Racing until Boxing day when...

There might be one or two races?

Actually, I think that there are going to be 91 races on Thursday!

I shall continue to send out the ratings (even though the PDFs and spreadsheet files will be empty) as I am looking into some email issues.

Just ignore the PDFs for the next few days (or print them out and use them for lighting the fire or wrapping your chips?)

As my Christmas present to you I shall be adding some more information to the ratings PDFs (hopefully starting from Boxing Day) such as...

1). Race Coefficient (a sort of rating of the races.)

2). CIT (Change in Trainer.)

3). CDG (A horse's performance on a course for the same distance and over the same going.)

There may be a few other things but I am intending to spend most of the Christmas period largely just eating and being fat.

As we draw close to the end of our first year at Focus Ratings, Jill & I would like to thank you all for your support and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year.

My kindest regards


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