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Missing (or late) Ratings?

Question MarkJust a quick note...

To let you know that I am aware that some of you did not receive the ratings yesterday.

To be honest, I don't know what the problem is but I am looking into the issue.

I haven't changed the code and it works for me (and many other people.)

If you do not receive the ratings by a couple of minutes past 10am, you may download them from the site - the link is...


Today, for some reason, the script that runs at 10:00am, didn't run until 10:17am

I am aware that 1&1 (my hosting company) are, this weekend, implementing a host of security upgrades and that may have caused the delay in the script?

Unfortunately, as soon as Jill mentioned that she hadn't received her ratings, I ran the script manually. Then, two minutes later, the automatic script ran!

Thus, you have now got the ratings email twice!


Sometime next week I shall start to implement a series of scheduled upgrades to Focus Ratings to provide functionality that you have asked for and to improve the Accuracy/Strike Rate of the ratings.

I shall send you all an email/write a post detailing the updates but, just for your immediate information, two of the proposed upgrades are....

1). At you will be able to download the ratings in exactly the same format as you currently get if if click on the links on the morning email.

2). The ratings will stay on screen from 10am to midnight.

Please accept my apologies for this issue - I hope that it is resolved soon.

My kindest regards


One Response to “Missing (or late) Ratings?”

  1. Craig says:

    Hello, I did have today’s ratings but it changed to tomorrow’s and I can,t get it back online??

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