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More Updates…

focus-ratings-changesI am so sorry to keep bombarding you with emails but...

Now that most of the background work has been done, the updates to Focus Ratings are starting to fall into place.

And I really do want to keep you informed of them.

I guess that, as I push on to implementing the remaining updates (and finalise R5), I may be sending you mails on a daily basis (I'll try to consolidate them where I can.)

So, apologies over, I have today implemented the following...

Non Runners

I have written some code that will now (from tomorrow) strip out any Non Runners from the ratings. This should improve the accuracy of the ratings.

Uniques Report

Based upon the feedback that I have received about the Unique Jockey and Trainer updates that I added yesterday, I have compiled a separate report to list just those horses.

An example of that report may been seen at...

There will be a link to this report on your daily email. It'll probably be about link 6 on the list.

CSV & XLS Changes

I'm sorry guys; I know that many of you have macros for the CSV and XLS files and that, every time that I change the format it buggers you up, but I do need to add extra information to those files.

All the CSV & XLS files now have an additional 4 columns after the Confidence column.

I shall be populating the first of these new columns with the Unique figure.

This will normally be 0.

However, if the horse is the Jockey's only ride in a meeting I shall assign a value of 1 to that field/cell.

If the horse is the Trainer's only horse at that meeting then I shall assign a value of 2 to that field/cell.

And, if the horse is both the Jockey's only ride at that meeting and, also, the Trainer's only horse, then I shall assign a value of 3 to that field/cell.

By having 3 spare columns it means that I can add additional information (in the future) to those cells without messing up your import filters and/or macros.

These changes will take effect from tomorrow.

Once again, I do apologise to all of you for whom these changes will mess up your filters/macros - I know how "Ranty" I get when Betfair (and others) change their formats!


From tomorrow you will be able to individually customise the look of the email by updating your preferences on the members page.

However, I want to ensure that the mail and the links work first (after today's changes) before moving onto something else.

So, the changes are scheduled for after 10am tomorrow - thank you all for your patience in this matter.

My kindest regards


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