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Obviously, todays ratings worked fine and went out on time.

I actually got up early to test run the ratings and everything ran fine so I used my early start to catch up on some of the work that I should have done yesterday.

The improvements implemented today are...

Cheat Sheet

As the ratings have got more complexed I have knocked up a "quick and dirty" cheat sheet to help some of the newer members.

This explains what all the columns on the ratings mean.

The link for the cheat sheet is...

I have also put a link to the Cheat Sheet in the Information box on the sidebar.

Multiple Jockeys

There was a bug where, if the name of the Jockey was unknown (if the ride wqas Doubtful, for example) then the previous Jockey's name would be inserted (as if the same Jockey was riding two horses in the same race.)

Well, I have finally fixed this bug today.

Non Runners

The code to remove the non runners now works!

Full/Complete Report Changes

I have amended the Full/Complete Report (option 3 on your daily email) to do the following...

1). List all the runners in all the races even if they have a zero rating.
2). I have removed the bug so that the JWP figures are now displayed.

Many thanks to Peter for his help and advice on this.

And finally...

Once again, I do apologise for yesterday's problems and am so sorry for those of you who wanted to use the ratings for Wolves or Worcester.

I learned a few lessons yesterday and I shall be implementing some changes to the way that the code is stored.

I need to break my code down into more meaningful chucks (or modules, as we call them) and then put in automatic module self tests so that I'll get an email reporting any modules that have failed (and thus know exactly where the problem is.)

And now, if you'll excuse me...

It's Beer O'Clock and I'm off for a Pelforth!

My kindest regards


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