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Slow due to Hard Going…


I know that many of you are patiently awaiting the Monthly Report.

I had hoped to publish it yesterday but...

There were three vital things that I needed to mention in the monthly report and...

They have proven far harder to implement than I ever expected (and I was expecting the worst!)

However, they have now been implemented and so I should be able to publish the Monthly Report tomorrow

New Spreadsheets

I am constantly being asked to produce unique spreadsheets for members who wish to try out their own ideas.

Now, whilst I am more than happy to do this (and discuss those ideas in depth), it does impinge on my time and sometimes I can't get back to the member straight away with the data that they require.


I have decided to automate the process and generate FULL spreadsheets of pretty much all the data that is included on the NEW format PDF every morning at about 2am (your time.)

I think that the only data that I can't include is the Jockey and Trainer Win percentages as I only have the current data (in other words, I can't go back in time to show what a Jockey's Win Percentage was on the 3rd of October 2013?)

The Spreadsheets may be found at...

This file shows details of the Top Rated Horse from the 8th of July 2013 and is updated every morning at 2am.


This file shows details of the Top Three Rated Horses from the 8th of July 2013 and is updated every morning at 2am.

So, whilst I am always happy to discuss any ideas that you have (and to proof those ideas or generate unique spreadsheets for you), many of you will be able to get all the data that you want from with of those spreadsheets.

I have put links to those spreadsheets on the Information panel of the sidebar on the web site.


You will have noticed that I have added a Yld column to the PDFs (and the Spreadsheets.)

I'd rather not say too much about this at the moment (perhaps towards the end of next week) but, if you can bear with me on that, I think that it might open up a host of new opportunities for profiting from the ratings.

I have created a discussion thread on the forum and I'll try to pop in every day to add my comments there.

Email System Updates

I have been doing a lot of work to identify and resolve the issue where some of you don't get your emails on time.

I have written and implemented a new way of delivering the emails and that will take effect from tomorrow.

I will be around tomorrow morning to solve any problems and would be very grateful if you could let me know if you don't receive your emails by 10:15am

Monthly Report

If all goes well tomorrow morning (with the emails), then I will be able to produce the Monthly Report tomorrow afternoon.

On Monday I'll try to create an updated Cheat Sheet, not just for the PDFs but, also to explain all the different spreadsheets.

On Tuesday, Jill & I are having a day off (we'll still be contactable) and are going to Loudeac (a lovely town in Brittany) for some relaxation (and a good meal!)

We have been thinking about putting in one of those chat boxes (on the web site) so that, if you have a query, you can ask us about it in real time. If you think that this would improve the service (we're always looking at ways to improve the service) then, please let us know.

And finally...

Very shortly I am going to have to put a stop to updating the various PDFs and Spreadsheets that I generate every day.

I'm up to my ears in trying to learn a new programming language so that I can produce the iPhone & Android Apps that I promised last month...

And I also have a number of new projects (not related to Focus Ratings) that need to be worked on (mainly in the Autumn.)

If there is a vital statistic that you need added, please let me know before I stop.

For example, one very knowledgeable member has suggested that I add Change in Weight since last Race to the PDFs and Spreadsheets.

As you've probably guessed by now, I know absolutely nothing about horse racing so it could be that I'm missing something obvious that you'd like to see on a daily basis?

My kindest regards


P.S. Sorry that we got the Grand National so horribly wrong today but...

How the h*ll do you rate a race with 40 runners (answers on the back of an envelope, please?)

Anyway, we did get the first three in the right order in the 2pm at Aintree yesterday (I think that the exacta paid about £122?)

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