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So near, and yet…

Pound-coins-on-a-graph-003So near for Focus Ratings today, and yet....

So far!

Only one meeting (with 7 races) but Focus Ratings top rated horses managed to win 6 of them!

This gave us a strike rate of 85.71% for the top rated horses.

Full details can be seen at Today's Results

Some detail..

We managed to get the top three in the right order twice (the Trifecta?) and, additionally, in the last race, we got the CSF (according to the Racing Post, the CSF paid £50.14 to a £1 stake!)

I do need to do some analysis of the 3:10pm where we totally failed to even get a place.

This isn't as bad as it looks as the lessons learned could be applied to future ratings.

And, to be honest, I have to analyse the losing races every day (I get an exception report that normally takes me about 3 hours a day to review!) - it's kind of nice to only have 7 races (and only one losing one!) to wade through!

An Update...

No massive prices today (although Limit Up came in at 4/1 and Irene Kennet won at 5/1 - both prices are ISP; BSP or BOG would have been better.)

Some nice prices for 2nd placed horses.

However, I'm not sure how many of you are using Focus Racing for Each Way or Place betting selections?

A Question...

I have been asked if I can remove the front page (cover) from the ratings PDF.

This is because it adds to the printing cost (especially if you have a colour printer?)

I'm quite happy to do this, but....

I don't want to upset anyone by doing so.

So, could you discuss, among yourselves (perhaps on the forum?), whether you really need the cover/front page on the ratings PDF.

I have also changed the CSV spreadsheet file so that the horses' weights are now shown in pounds; some of you were having issues with the old format (stones and pounds.)

I hope that that change has helped more people than it has hindered?


Some of you may be interested to know that I have given up my job in the local car factory (otherwise known as Helga's House of Pain!) in order to spend all my time concentrating on refining Focus Ratings (so that every day is like today?)

Now, I hate to mention it but...

We do have a forum (have I mentioned that we have a forum?) and I know from some of the many, many emails (you just really wouldn't believe how many!) that I have received, that most of you are keen to talk about your betting strategies.

Please feel free to avail yourself of the forum; who knows, your cunning plan/observations/thoughts may well help someone else find a new way of making profits (and vice versa?)

And your questions may be answered by people who know far more about horse racing than I ever will?

And, speaking of email....

I am currently working through the email backlog (only 288 outstanding mails to answer!!! I know that Jill is doing her best to help out, as are John and Mark.)

But, if I haven't replied to an email you've sent me, please give me a couple of more days - I'll get there, I promise you!

This is the reason why we've restricted the membership to just you - it would have been tempting to open up Focus ratings to 1,000 members.

We didn't because we needed to ensure that we can provide a decent level of customer care.

Before we do let anyone else in I'm going to ensure that we get the whole Skype/Video conferencing thing sorted out so that we can talk "face to face" - and I'm also going to ensure that we have someone available to answer queries during the daytime (hence jacking in the day job) so that you don't have to wait too long for answers to your queries.

Finally, I hope that you all did some good based on the Focus Ratings data today; remember, we're not a tipping service (although I bet most tipping services would love to get an 85% strike rate!!!)

I'd love to hear any success/good luck stories that you may care to share!

You might even want to mention them on the forum (did I mention that we have a forum????)

My kindest regards


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