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Some Changes…


I'm at that stage where I really need to start implementing some of the changes that are required in order to implement the upgrade to the new (and improved) Ratings algorithm.

There is still a vast amount of work to do but I think that I'm getting there.

As promised, I'll keep you all updated (and, for you system punters, R4 will still be available even once we've moved to R5 as our standard ratings.)

New Ratings PDF...

As promised, a while back, I have now updated the PDF file that you currently receive.

I've reduced the font size and removed the footer.

This means that we will now get 5 races per page rather than the 3 races that we used to get.

Obviously, this will help save the planet as well as saving you money in printing costs.

New Fields...

I have added 2 new fields to the daily Ratings PDF...

1). There is a JWP column which details the Jockey Strike Rate (as a percentage based upon the jockey's last 50 races.)

2). There is a CIC column which details the horse's Change in Class since its last race. This still needs more work but, once I've populated the Horse Performance table, the data should be more meaningful.

I have more information that I'm happy to share but I really want to know what you want me to publish on a daily basis.

So, if there is a metric that you'd find useful; now is the time to tell me.

New Formats...

I have been listening to you and I am working on some new formats for the Ratings.

You can choose which format(s) you receive the ratings in by visiting the Members Page

It may take a couple of days for any changes you make to take effect (but hopefully, not that long?)

The Bet Engine - new export file

For you Betfair Bot users; The new TBE export file seems to be working (many thanks to Gerald for his hard work in testing it) and will be available to all of you in the next couple of days.

The Members Page...

In order for you to get the reports/ratings in the formats that you want I have updated the Members Page so that you can choose what information gets sent to you on a daily basis.

I'm still a couple of days off integrating the Members Page into the daily email but you are welcome to set your preferences now - just be aware that some of the reports/ratings formats that you choose may not be available for a couple of days.

On the Members Page you can choose which reports are sent to you (as links) on the morning email; you can also shoose whether or not you wish to receive the Early Bird Preview ratings.

All members will currently receive all possible reports (or, links to them), it's up to you to choose the (via Members Page) which ones you don't want to see.

The Daily Email...

I shall also be changing the format of the daily email (the one that is sent out at 10am every morning.)

Please don't worry, it will work just as it does now; it'll just look a bit cleaner.

Some Anomalies...

I have been advised that I am incorrectly calculating the Strike Rate - it appears that...

1). I am not taking Non Runners into account and thus showing a lower strike rate that I should be.

2). I have also been told that I should be calculating the Place Strike Rate to include the winners as well as the horses that came 2nd or 3rd.

So, I shall be correcting these problems and, at the same time, I will be changing the Place Strike Rate to accurately detail the places dependant upon the number of runners (thus, if there are 20 runners, I'll count a 4th place as a place; in races where there are only 6 runners, I'll only count 1st and 2nd as places.)

Last Chance...

This really is the last chance for any changes for this year (working out the changes for R5 is killing me - if I never see another spreadsheet full of horse racing data ever again....

It'll be about 20 years too soon!)

So, if you can think of anything that I am missing out on, please let me know in the next few days.

Finally - R5

I should be at the point where I can start publishing the Ratings using the R5 calculation in about a couple of week's time (many thanks to Peter for all his hard work in testing it.)

When this happens, I shall advise you and there will be options on the Members Page) so that you can choose to receive the new ratings as well as (or, instead of) the current ratings.

Oops, one last thing...

My server is being moved from one datacenter to another at midnight (your time - for those of you in the UK) on Friday 27th of September.

My hosting company are going to perform a full backup before the move but, you need to be aware that, for 4 hours (starting from midnight 27th of September) the server will be unavailable.

I am also doing full backups every day and am going to be migrating all the functionality to another server so that, should the worst happen, and my server gets dropped or doesn't work following the move (it's only about 10km), then, at least, I'll be able to still produce the ratings.

I guess that this is more important to those of you in sunny Australia (or the US) than to the British punters (who'l probably be fast asleep during the move?)

My kindest regards


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