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System Builder Updates!


I have implemented added the remaining functionality for the System Builder.

It should now fulfil most people's needs for an easy way to query the Focus Ratings database in order to spot interesting angles.

You can find the Builder at... Builder

I haven't written a manual but it's really easy to use.

I have added the functionality that some of our members have asked for; if you think that it really needs something else then please let me know but...

Please be aware that I really do want to keep it as easy as possible to use.

Anyway, some of the important things that were finished today are...

Builder enhancements

I've had some requests for Builder enhancements.

I've put in the ones that make sense to me (such as a tick list for specific Race Types - Annette, you were right about that one!) and ones that I should have done from day one (being able to choose price ranges - MattPro, obviously, once again, you know a lot more about horse racing than I ever will!)

If there's anything that I've missed out, then, once again, let me know but...

Please be aware; the more I add to it, the more likely it is to break and the harder it will be for me to support.

The Builder isn't intended to be a replacement for HorseRaceBase or Adrian Masey's now defunct System Builder...

It is really just a way of helping you test strategies based upon the ratings.


If you create a system and save it, you can choose to create an Alert (this is the default.)

If you do that then, every morning at 10:30am your system will be tested against the day's races and, if there are any qualifying selections, you will get an email listing them.

Actually, you'll get the email anyway, just to let you know that there aren't any selections.

If you don't want to receive the alerts for any particular system you can easily turn individual alerts on or off (more of which later.)

Public Systems

If you create a system and save it, you can choose to make that system Public.

That means that any other member can use that system themselves.

To Subscribe to a system, all you have to do is go to the Systems page on the top menu and you'll see all the Public systems there.

Once you've subscribed to a Public system, you'll get selection emails every day (unless you turn off the alert) as if you had created the system yourself.

So far (and it is very early days), there are only 4 Public systems (I've done one and MattPro has done 3, good chap that he is!) but...

Tomorrow, I am going to sit down and have a play with the Builder.

You know, I've been so busy writing and testing it, I haven't actually had a chance just to try it out for fun (and profit?)

I guess that I know the ratings pretty well and I do think that I have some interesting angles that I'd like to test.

So, I'm really hoping that there'll be a few more Public systems available by this time tomorrow.

I you wish to Publish a system that you have come up with, then please do so.

If you let me know that you've done it, I'll write a post about it and explain how it all works.

And, obviously, I'll mention who it was who was kind enough to publish their system.

System Maintenance

If you want to edit any systems that you have created (or Subscribed to), then all you have to do is go to the Members page on the top menu and the options to edit your system parameters (the basic ones, anyway) will be there.

If you accidentally delete a system then let me know and I'll be able to restore it.

Micro Systems

I doubt very much that there is a single strategic system (based upon the ratings) to give you enough bets each day to earn enough money to stand out.

I know that because I spent 3 months, at the start of the year, trying very hard to come up with just such a system (and I probably know the ratings better than anyone else?)

And I totally failed!

However, there are many little angles that can be exploited?

Such as my Top Rated Mares in NH Chases system.

Such as the 3 systems that MattPro has shared?

If you have enough of these "Micro Systems" then that might be a better way of doing things?

A number of highly profitable systems that, combined, will give you enough races each day and...

The best bit is...

Once you've designed (or borrowed Public Systems) enough Micro Systems then everything is automated for you!

You just wait for your morning email and your selections are there, waiting for you!


I hope that you find the Builder useful.

Please give it a try out.

Even just for a bit of fun?

It doesn't cost any extra (and never will) and you may well find a profitable system that might earn you enough to pay your monthly fees?

That way, you'd be getting your ratings for free?

Over time, you might even be able to build up a portfolio of Micro Systems that, together, might make a difference to your life?

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, as always...

My kindest regards


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