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Weekend Work


Well, it's been a busy weekend for me as I've been busy adding more functionality to Focus Ratings and fixing a few bugs.


In no particular order...

Here's what's changed...

Members Page

On your Members page I've added the Last Year's statistics for any systems that you have.

This will give you exactly one year's worth of data and should allow you to analyse whether a system is improving or otherwise?

Also, on the Today's System Selections page I've added the Bet Type so that you can easily tell if a system is a backing or laying one.


I've (finally) finished the Betfair Place Bet option and have audited a couple of queries and am happy that the numbers all add up and that they make sense.

When you run a Back to Bookmakers ISP you will be shown all time statistics and also the statistics for the last year.

I shall tidy this up and implement it on all the different bet types at some point this week.

Live Ratings

Over the summer, there have been days when the ratings have suffered as a result of the large number of non-runners.

This is because when I compile the ratings at 10am, I can't anticipate which horses will actually run and which will become non-runners?

So, to help those of you who have internet access during the day...

I have started compiling ratings during the day; these, obviously, take any non-runners into account.

The are available from the Live option on the main menu.

The Live ratings are updated every 20 minutes or so starting at 10am.

As always...

My kindest regards


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