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analysisThis page is here to explain the philosophy and strategy behind R.

But first, I'll explain what R9 is and how it is displayed.

Let's start with R8

I have two primary ratings agencies.

The first is Focus Ratings and the second is Advance Ratings.

They both produce ratings but, in totally different ways.

At Focus Ratings every race is given an R8 number.

Normally that is zero.

However, if the top rated horse is top rated on Focus Ratings and also top rated on Advance Ratings then the R8 number for that race becomes 1.

Sometimes though, if top rated horse on Focus Ratings is also top rated on Advance Ratings and...

The second rated horse on Focus Ratings is also the second rated horse on Advance Ratings then the R8 number for that race becomes 2.

And so forth.

So, what is R9?

R9 are simply those R8 races where I can rated every horse in the race.

How do I intend to use this?

I live in France and only bet on French horse racing but, rather than just betting on a horse, I'll make a number of bets over a number of horses all running in the same race.

If you are interested, you can take a look at an article I wrote about it... Bet the Race, Not the Horse...

And, I intend to use R9 to create a number of bets for every applicable race (those races where R8 is greater than zero and I can rate every horse in the race.)

Focus Ratings members will be able to pick and mix these selections according to their own preferences.

For example, in one race there might be a win backing selection, a place backing selection, a lay betting selection and a dutching opportunity.

However, I intend to be very selective and am not really aiming for loads of selections every day.

I should also mention that, in terms of strategies, a race where R8=1 is totally different to a race where R8=3.

The races and the strategies will be automatically published every day using the Portfolio email which, until I recently switched off, used to supply a Banker's Bet and a Chancer's Bet every day.


I shall also propose an additional bet (or, rather, two) - an accumulator bet.

Obviously, you would need a bookie's account to be able to use this.

There will be two of these every day; a large one and a smaller one.

The number of selections in each of those accumulators will depend on the number of R9 races on that day.

For example, if there are 10 R9 rated races one day then there may be a six horse accumulator and a three horse accumulator bet.

The selections will either be based on the confidence of the top rated horse or the actual R4 rating of ther top rated horse in each race; both methods seem to work equally well.


S1 - The first Strategy (S1) is to look at the top rated horse.