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A Portfolio of Systems!

focus-ratings-systems-portfolioPortfolio of Systems!

I mentioned, in the posts that I wrote earlier today, that it is possible to build a portfolio of small, but profitable, systems that are freely available on the Systems Page.

Or, you can use the Builder to design your own systems.

Any systems that you create (or any public systems that you subscribe to) will be based on over a year's Focus Ratings results...

And I publish all of my ratings (apart from the current day's, of course) and all of the results so that anyone, member or not, can see them.

No smoke and mirrors here.

Automatic Proofing

From tomorrow, any system selections will be automatically proofed.

You may view your proofed selections by visiting the Members Page.

There is a link at the top of the page to take you to your Proofed selections.

The results will be updated at about 8am every day.

In a few days time, the basic results for your system selections will show things like longest losing run, ROI and Strike Rate.

You will also be able to download the proofed selections as either a CSV file or a PDF file.

I haven't implemented these features yet as I need a few days worth of data so that I can test the output.

Standard Portfolio

So, I believe that I can easily come up with a system that produces a reasonable ROI.

The trouble is, that it may not generate many selections each month.

But, if you had a dozen small, profitable systems, you'd have a nice little portfolio of systems - all based upon proven (and proofed) statistics.

So, what I intend to do is produce a portfolio of small systems that, combined, will generate between 350 to 400 selections a year.

About 1 a day.

I will only be looking at systems with an ROI of at least 160%...

And then...

I'll package this portfolio in such a way that you can subscribe to all the systems in the portfolio with just one click...

For free!

This way, even if you don't have time to study the ratings, you almost certainly receive one "no thinking required" bet a day.

This might come in handy on those days when the wife says... "Come along darling; no time for your horse racing today, you're coming shopping with me. It's the sales!"

Or, for the ladies...

For those occasions when hubby says... "Come along dearest; no time for your horse racing today, you're coming to watch me play cricket. You know, I could have played for England if it wasn't for my dodgy knee!"

And, for any cricket playing ladies...

I do apologise for any gender stereotype stuff in what I've just written...

I was just trying to make the point that, sometimes, it's useful to have a standby to fall back on?


Now, I should say that my portfolio of systems will be one that appeals to my personal requirements and preferences.


1). Just one bet a day (on average.) One bet a day does it for me? I can take one loser a day but two would upset me.

2). High Strike Rate. I like winners - losers upset me.

3). High ROI. Why bet on horses if you're not going to make money?

4). Sound logic. Every system in the portfolio will have some sound logic behind it. Thus, there will be none of those systems (what I call Benjamin Street Systems) where you bet on horses that came 3rd last time out, are running in only 13 horse races where the saddle cloth number is even on days when there's a full moon (but not in February or June, of course!)

It took me about 15 minutes to come up with my 176% ROI, 55% Strike Rate AW Maidens – RC1 greater than 84% – Top Rated horse with an LTO of less than 42 days system this morning.

Now, that will only give 29 races a year but...

18Another 12 systems like that (with similar strike rates and ROI) and I'll be there with a bet a day?

And. with the high strike rate and an aggregate ROI of at least 160%....

A £2 bet each day will keep me in red wine, baguettes and smelly cheese?

And that's pretty much all we live on, over here in sunny France!

As always...

My kindest regards


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  1. RockyRoulette says:

    I Forgot To Mention It In My Last message, But That Movie You Played With John Cleese Flicking The Ice Into His Glass: How Long Will I Have To Watch It To See Him Miss The Glass: I Need To Know Because My Wife Hates me Spending Too Much Time On The Computer:
    Gordon mills

  2. RockyRoulette says:

    Hi Keith:

    I Like Your Cheeky Charlie Off The Cuff Remarks During Your System Explanations: (Lightens The Load A Wee Bit):

    I Really Am Looking Forward To Your One Bet A Day Portfolio Which Completely Suits My Way Of Betting, although I Would Bet 100 A Day If I Could Be Sure They Would Win (Or Lose):

    Also Like The Lay Systems You Have Put Together A Little Variety Is The Spice Of Life:

    Anyway–Nice To Read A Light Hearted Review From Time To Time:
    Gordon Mills

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