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Free System – It’s like the buses?

national_hunt_chase_ladies_systemA Free System!

It's a bit like the busses, isn't it?

You wait forever for one....

And then two turn up at the same time?

So, no sooner than I was saying that I'd just published the first NH Flat public system when...

I went back to take another look at the system Ang sent me and I thought that I had a cunning way to simplify it.

So, I dived into the Builder to take a look.


Came up with another take on Bumpers.

Which only has FOUR RULES!

The nice thing is that, what made it work was the inclusion of RC0 (my good race/bad race indicator that I mentioned in Eureka Revisited!)

Bumper Drops!

The rules of the system are incredibly simple...

As I think the best systems are?

R4 Status = 1
Race Type = NH Flat
Dropped one class

That's it!

Nothing else!

System Statistics

There have been 13 qualifying races over the last year.

From these there have been 6 winners.

That gives us a strike rate of 46.15%

At an average SP of 4.31

This all equates to an ROI of 198.91%

An Explanation...

a). R4 = 1 - Obviously, we should be looking at the horse which is be highest rated horse in the current race.

The best horse (according to the ratings), in other words.

b). NH Flat - As I needed another system for Bumpers, I concentrated on these.

Irish races aren't included because of the Drop in Class filter.

Anyway, as I said earlier today...

In my opinion, Irish Bumpers are too complex to rate.

I'll gladly eat a sumo wrestler's underpants (post sumo wrestling tournament and, in public, of course) if someone can come up with a system based on Irish Bumpers!

Now, that's a challenge for you, isn't it?

c). RC0 = 1 - This just concentrates on those races where the ratings are most accurate.

d). Horse has dropped 1 class - This means that the horse is going to be competing against lesser horses than it is used to.


So, that's another NH Flat system to go into the portfolio.

It will give about 1 selections a month but...

It's another angle.

There are now 111 Free public systems available on the Systems Page (with more being added every day.)

The Strike Rate, SP and ROI are re-calculated every night so you're really getting the true statistics.

Remember, if you subscribe to any of the free systems (or create your own private ones) then you will receive just one email a day (at 10:30 am) with any system selections.

And to subscribe to a system couldn't be simpler...

Just go to the Systems Page and click on the button for the system that you like.

My Portfolio

I currently have 13 systems ready to go in my portfolio.

Combined, my 13 systems will give 256 selections a year. I want a selection every day (from my portfolio) so I'm about 70% there?

I've got 3 more systems to review (thanks Ang) but...

The sun is still shining so I may pop out for a walk (before it starts raining again - as it surely will!)


As always...

My kindest regards


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