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Free System – Strike Rate = 78.57%

national_hunt_chase_ladies_systemA Free System!

This morning I mentioned, in a post..

That I'm not really interested in high strike rate, low SP systems.

They just don't suit my mentality?

However, a member (who probably wishes to remain anonymous - thanks John R) sent me an email to suggest that I take another look at the opportunities that low priced horses might offer.

So, wanting to prove him wrong...

I dived into the Builder and took a look.

I'm ashamed to say that John R was right and I was wrong!

All Weather Bankers

The rules of the system are...

Back Top Rated horses
In All Weather Races where the race's RC1 is greater than 86%
And the Horse's last run was less than 42 days ago
And the Horse's Confidence is greater than 150%
And the Horse's Forecast Starting Price is less than 3.1 (2/1 and less)

Try it for yourself...

Go to the Builder and run a simple query; set the Race Type to All Weather and and RC1 to Greater than 86% and LTO to Less than 42 and Confidence to Greater than 150% and the Forecast Starting Price to less than 3.1 (using the Forecast Starting price field - the one in the Price Range section - where you can set your own values) - 2/1 or less, in other words.

That's it!

The Top Rated horse is chosen by default and the results are...

The Strike Rate is... 78.57%
The Average SP is....1.89
The overall ROI is... 148.5%

That was a bit of an eye opener, I can tell you!

And there's logic in the system!

Who would have believed it?

A Bankers system (with a very high strike rate, in other words) that actually makes a decent profit!

System Statistics

There have been 29 qualifying races over the last year.

From these there have been 22 winners.

That gives us an amazing strike rate of 79.57% (any more than that and I start uncontrollably twitching with pleasure - and gibbering and drooling! Sometimes I even wet myself!)

At an average SP of 1.89!

This all equates to an entirely acceptable ROI of 148.5%

A Staking Strategy

This is the sort of system where you might want to think about a separate staking strategy?

How about starting with a small bank (unique to this system) and...

Bet a percentage of the bank and add any profits back into the bank.

Update your stake accordingly.

Resist the temptation to remove the profits, and then...

Once a year, treat yourself to a weekend away - or a really good meal out - or a short holiday?


The system really is a no-brainer.

It will give about 5 selections every 2 months but...

I'll certainly be adding it to my portfolio as it fills my basic criteria of...

1). High Strike Rate. I like winners – losers upset me. This system will generate incredibly short losing runs.

2). High ROI. Why bet on horses if you’re not going to make money? 148.5% is at the bottom of my preferred range but it's certainly more than I get from my savings account?

3). Sound logic. Every system in the portfolio will have some sound logic behind it. Thus, there will be none of those systems (what I call Benjamin Street Systems) where you bet on horses that are beaten favourites and have an odd number of legs...

In races that are sponsored by condom companies and...

Hey, ho...

Mondays to Fridays are OK (but not Thursday, obviously!)

There are now 28 Free public systems available on the Systems Page (with more being added every day.)

The Strike Rate, SP and ROI are re-calculated every night so you're really getting the true statistics.

Remember, if you subscribe to any of the free systems (or create your own private ones) then you will receive just one email a day (at 10:30 am) with any system selections.

And to subscribe to a system couldn't be simpler...

Just go to the Systems Page and click on the button for the system that you like.

I currently have 5 systems ready to go in my portfolio.

Combined, my five systems will give 130 selections a year. I want a selection every day (from my portfolio) so I'm about 35% there?

focus-ratings-fishThe work is progressing faster than I expected and, you know what...

This is the most fun that I've had since...

I posted those 2 fresh Mackerels through my Chemistry teacher's letterbox...

The day after he left for his annual 6 week holiday in Tuscany!

In my defense, I do have to say that I was only 14 at the time?

However, I'm just not too sure that I've matured very much over the last 37 years?

I did go on to get a Chemistry A Level but...

I am now a bit worried that my Chemistry teacher might read this post?

Although, if I'm 51 years old now (albeit with a mental age of 14), he must be really ancient...

And unlikely to come round and beat me up?

Although, thinking about it, he did have 2 big rugby playing sons?

As always...

My kindest regards


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