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Unique Jockey & Trainer

jockey-trainer-only-horse-in-meetingSo, yesterday may have been a bit of a fluke (I'm talking about the only 1 ride for a jockey and only one horse for a trainer in a meeting) but some of you seem to have done some good out of it anyway?

Now, the last thing that I want to be thought of is a tipster but...

If I come across an interesting angle for the ratings, then I would be selfish if I didn't share it with you.

Now, one day doesn't a strategy make but you may be interested in thinking about those horses where they are the jockey's only ride and the trainer's only horse int he meeting.

I've already had some feedback....

One member said this....

Hi Keith,

Well I really really do hope this wasn't a flash in the pan as I put a small stake on a place accumulator on 6 of the 1 horse jockey/trainer combo. and ended up with £245 for a £7 stake!

Thanks very much , I'm pretty sure this isn't going to happen everyday but, with a few filters added, like I did today, then once a week will do nicely.

And another said.... the way I think your ratings are very good and the jockey and trainers only rides is a masterpiece.

I have been using this method over 40 years, with good results, like (Henry Cecil and Guy Harwood ) sending 1 horse up north etc.

How many times have we seen Frankie Dettori , Kieran Fallon and Hayley Turner having only one ride either on the last race or an evening meeting....

So, what did the results look like?

Trainer's & Jockey's only horse/ride in the meeting

Time Course Horse Jockey Trainer Result SP
14:00:00 Goodwood Fracking Mickael Barzalona Olly Stevens 1 5.5 (9/2)
15:40:00 Goodwood Quick Wit Silvestre De Sousa Saeed bin Suroor 2 17 (16/1)
17:20:00 Goodwood Threave Charles Bishop Violet M Jordan 1 5 (4/1)
18:30:00 Kempton (AW) Vastly Shelley Birkett Julia Feilden 7 4 (3/1)
19:30:00 Kempton (AW) Scottish Star Ryan Tate James Eustace 2 6 (5/1)
15:15:00 Redcar Joburg David Bergin David O´Meara 3 4.5 (7/2)
16:35:00 Perth Akdam Josh Hamer Tony Carroll 2 3.75 (11/4)

Now, one day doesn't a system make...

And the last thing that I want to be thought of is a tipster (not that I have anything against tipsters)...

But this could be an interesting angle for any of you looking for interesting angles for Focus Ratings?

Perhaps an each way system?

Perhaps one of those exotic bets (that I don't really understand) with lots of doubles and trebles and an accumulator - certainly with some additional filters?

My thanks go, once again, to Gray for pointing this metric out to me.

I am currently running a query on 17 years of data to see what has happened historically when a jockey only has one ride in a meeting and it is the trainer's only horse at that meeting.

This query won't take into account Focus Ratings (as I've only been going for 9 months) but I will re-run the relevant period (7th Jan 2013 to yesterday) against my Focus Ratings records as well.

I'm not sure how long the query will take as I'm having to populate 4 new columns on a 1.9 million row database table and that's going to take quite a while but...

As soon as it's finished I'll post the results (with accompanying spreadsheets) here for all of you to see.

My kindest regards


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